Dear Photography + Art Lovers, I’ve been in the photo industry for over 20 years in the heart of downtown New York City. Last November, I was informed that the building where my business has been located was sold and that the new owner planned on vacating and renovating the building . Our move to another Manhattan location this summer will be very expensive. Because my lab has always supported artists, my wonderful clients who are both well-known and emerging commercial and fine-arts photographers, have graciously donated original prints and photo books to be auctioned off to help pay for the move, and have generously agreed to sell for 25% to 75% less than at galleries and other fine-art websites. These works are highly salable and will increase in value and rarity.

This is how the auction works: Beginning Friday evening, May 10th 2013, bidding will begin for the first group of incredible art work which will be posted in the auction section of my new website. New work will be added once or twice a week. Bidding for each piece will be open for 3 weeks to start and once the traffic on the site increases, bidding on the new work added will be open for just 2 weeks. (Unsold work will be re-submitted to the auction at a later date.)

Before bidding, prospective buyers can preview the profiles that we’ve created for each artist on “the artist’s profile pages” where links to their websites can also be found. In order to view each week’s auctions, please click on

Please note: the opening bid is usually less then the reserve which must be met in order to win a piece of art offered in each auction. Click here to subscribe to be notified when new artworks are placed for auction.

The auctions will run continuously from May 10th 2013 until October 1, in two or three week cycles. Buyers will be informed about whether they have won a piece a day after the auction has closed. Buyers will be offered discounted mounting and framing services for the work they purchase.

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting photographic art and a million thanks to all my wonderful and incredibly talented friends and clients whose generosity has overwhelmed me and made this auction possible!

My very best,

Beth Schiffer