Marc Dimov

20120305-_MAD7706 “In recent years, my interests have led me to photograph subjects related to land use, water, pollution, food, sustainability and animals.

“In one of my latest series, One Fish Two Fish, I explore the physical make-up of over-exploited fish both as individuals and as whole species. Upon reading National Geographic’s April 2007 issue “Saving The Sea’s Bounty,” I felt compelled to make a statement regarding the global fish crisis. These images were created by placing the specimens on a light table and backlighting them to render the fish in silhouette. The resulting photographs punctuate their contours while disguising their central details. The idea was to make graphic photographs by removing these subjects from their natural environments and suggesting a bigger idea. Fishermen complain that many fish stocks have been depleted by 70-90% in the last twenty years. The obscurity in my pictures reflect how we literally cannot see these fish in our oceans any longer.  I hope this obscurity permits wonderment and evokes a sense of beauty for these creatures in addition to open up a dialogue about sustainable fishing practices.”