Giles Clarke

Giles Clarke was born in London in 1965 and began taking pictures seriously in Berlin in 1985 where he lived for three years. He worked as a camera assistant for Cintec Gmbh, a new production company that covered events for the BBC, SFB, ZDF amongst others. On his return to London in 1988, he worked as professional black and white photographic printer for many top London based fashion and advertising photographers and had continual work published in many of the leading magazines. In 1995, he moved to New York City where he began an intense year in the Richard Avedon studio working on such campaigns such as Versace, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. In 1997, he moved with his new wife to Los Angeles and began a new career for Channel 4 UK creating content and producing many television spots for the company. Interviews with artists such as Al Pacino, Salman Rushdie, Henry Fonda quickly cemented him in Hollywood where he remained till 2007. It was during this time, he collaborated with old friend Paul Oakenfold on his tour visuals and co produced with Paul the track ‘Nixon’s Spirit’ with the legendary Hunter S Thompson which appeared on the ‘Bunka’ album in 2001.

In 2007, he and his young family, moved back to NYC, where Giles continued a bi-coastal career directing viral advertising campaigns for clients such as Coldplay, Land Rover, Cadillac to name a few. He also began his serious work and dedication to activism starting with a 6 week stint in Bhopal, India where he filmed and photographed the victims of the Union Carbide gas tragedy that still continues to haunt the inhabitants of that city. He worked here in conjunction with the Bhopal Medical Appeal and continues to work very closely with this organization.  Since September 2011, Giles has been heavily involved with documenting the ‘Occupy’ movement all over the world and recently won awards for his coverage of ‘Occupy Sandy’. His latest ‘After Sandy’ exhibit is the monthly featured on Giles also recently arrived