Beth Perkins

beth-perkinsA transplanted Texan, now living in New York, Beth Perkins is a highly sought after photographer known for her compelling and intrinsically real environmental images. She was introduced to the industry shortly after graduating college, working for GQ assisting a well known fashion photographer. After transitioning into the photography industry, Beth was featured in PDN’s 30, a prestigious representation of Photo District News’ annual choices of emerging talent (PDN, 2002). Beth’s portraits and location images have graced the pages of editorial publications, provided content for national advertising campaigns, and have significantly contributed to projects for major companies. Beth’s altruistic spirit leads her to stay active in her community, especially regarding culture and the arts. In her limited free time, Beth works with at-risk children in her Rockaway Beach neighborhood, encouraging creative expression. She has sponsored photography classes and an exhibit featuring the children’s photography. Most recently, Beth and the kids of Rockaway Beach made stunning mosaics out of plastic and garbage that had washed ashore and will the subject of an upcoming exhibit at The Queens Museum of Art in Queens, New York. Beth’s ability to empathize with all walks of life proves to show through in Beth’s incredibly powerful, moving and real imagery. This has been the catalyst for her impressive list of clients, which includes Amerigroup Insurance, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Bank of America, Glamour, Nike, Novartis, Times Magazine, Volkswagen, and Wired Magazine —to name a few.

Beth’s work has been summarized as “vital, revealing, and compelling” (Pat Buckley, 2012). Indeed, Beth’s authentic, unpretentious demeanor is part of what makes her such a beloved member of RR&Co.

“Beth knows the moment when the light is perfect, when the energy of her subject is focused, and everything is somehow exquisitely arranged within the frame, resulting not in just a pretty picture, but some kind of emotional truth.” —Ronn Campisi, Pulitzer Prize winning designer.

“I grew up most of my life in Texas but initially lived in Mexico City until I was seven. Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to travel to incredible places and meet incredible people both within the United States and abroad. These opportunities are what I feel really drive my passion for photographing and experiencing different cultures and ways of life. This is also perhaps why I’ve lived in New York City for the past 18 years. I never seem to tire of the diverse cultures that are right outside my door, and find my neighborhood, Rockaway Beach, to be a wealth of inspiration. I hope when people see my images, even the ones set up commercially, they feel a truthfulness and perhaps a connection to the moment. To me, the goal in image taking is finding the beauty and importance in ordinary life and capturing it to share and celebrate.

“Thank you for taking the time to look at my images.”